Application Process

Become a Certified Expert Member
What do you receive?
You will receive personalised coaching, consultancy and strategy from a Regional Partner to assist you to build a sustainable, robust expert business. Focus will be on positioning, sales and marketing, productisation, strategy, funnels and automation.
Download the document for full explanation.
Become a Licensed Regional Partner
What do you receive?
Our Licensed Regional Partners are given a territory. For example Ireland, Victoria or California. Territories are based on demographics.
You will receive the training you need to recruit, train and develop a team of Certified Expert Members in this region.
Download the document for full explanation.
Should I become a Certified Expert Member or a Licensed Regional Partner?
The Certified Expert Member will be a speaker, consultant, coach, or entrepreneur who wishes to be seen as an expert in their marketplace. They will be someone who desires to build a profitable, sustainable and conscious business as an expert.

A Licensed Regional Partner is someone who recruits, trains and develops expert speakers, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs and helps shape them into becoming profitable, sustainable and conscious.

What happens if I fill in this form?

On of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your aspirations.
We enter a mutual due diligence phase where we explore whether this is the right fit for you, and us.
Upon being accepted you will be required to pay the full investment.
The Global Expert Institute is part of the Circle of Excellence Group.
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